i hate texas, no really.

Today started out just fine.  I woke up early, got ready and headed out the door to SFO.  There was a little traffic, but I gave myself enough time.  I tried to check in for my flight online last night, but I couldn’t choose a seat, so I had to check in at the airport.  First stress point: Oversold flight, maybe I won’t make it to Texas! YIKES.  Anywho, I made it and checked in and the flight was pretty uneventful, except for all of the people who don’t know how to fly (or don’t follow directions!)  First, 10 gallon cowboy hat guy tries to stuff his bag into the overhead and it clearly doesn’t fit.  He hits his head on the compartment and his hat flies off. HAH.  Then two other women show up and they don’t put their bags in wheels first. (I fly a lot, this is old news to me!), so it was pretty funny to watch them try to stuff THEIR bag in.  Oy.

I made it to Dallas early!  I took a few photos after I got off the plane.

On the Skylink from Terminal A to D. Lots of American Airlines planes!

Here is my gate!  I took a tiny jet from Dallas to Corpus Christi and the gate was empty.  Pretty fun.   On these tiny planes they make you gate check your luggage (I am officially a person who carries on now. It’s so much easier.), and the woman in front of me was all cranky and didn’t want to.  I was on the phone with my mom and was telling her what I had to do (she heard the woman and asked) and the woman stopped in her tracks, turned around and said “EXCUUUUUUUUSE ME? Were you talking to me?”  I pointed to my phone and walked in front of her.  Really? You’re going to be a crankypants and get mad at me because you’re deaf, dumb & a nasty mcnasty pants?  No thanks.  Take THAT, Texas.

The best part about this trip so far is that the company I’m visiting booked my hotel at the Holiday Inn Express.  Or did they? Yeah, they didn’t.  Their receptionist told me they did and she actually booked it at Americas Best Value Inn next door.  The first room stunk like cigarettes (which is by far one of my biggest pet peeves), and the second smells like mold! YAY ME!  I’m hoping this trip doesn’t end the way it started.  Here’s to sucking it up and thinking positively.

I might not hate it afterall…


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