to do this summer:

  1. road trip to Oregon (we’re going to stop at crater lake and pendleton!) to see my brother, his wife and my new niece, Aubree (she’s due next month!). Hopefully we’ll get to see my sister Jen, her husband Ben and my niece Carly. and my mom!
  2. road trip to Orange County, CA for Leah’s baby shower.  We’re going to stop at Andrew Murray in Santa Barbara on the way home for a wine club member picnic. mmm.
  3. buy a bicycle! (Well, this is for James to remember since he said he’d buy me a new bicycle EEP!) I have plans to ride my bike to work two times a week and possibly a bike ride AFTER work with a coworker once a week since it’s SUMMER! happy weather.
  4. move to san francisco. yep. it’s happening! well, as soon as James buys a piece of property. it’s happening. for realsies. i finally get to move into the city! fog, sweaters, more scarves and longing for the sunshine will soon be a part of my reality. i couldn’t be more excited.  plus i finally get to live with the love of my life. 3 years living separately has been far too long for me.
  5. CAMPING! oh my gosh. i’m so excited for camping. We have two dates on the calendar and I couldn’t be more excited to camp. Warm weather, fires, tents, hiking, swimming.  It’s one of my favorite summer activities and we’re working on where we’re going. I’m obviously partial to Yosemite Creek, so maybe we’ll go there.  Maybe another trip to Lassen. 🙂
i think that’s enough for the summer of 2011. lots of goals, lots of trips, lots of fantastic and loving people. oh, and food. lots of food.
oh, and i signed up for AIDS Lifecycle 11! I’ll be riding my *new* bicycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 7 days (that’s 575 miles!) to raise funds and awareness for AIDS. (SF AIDS Foundation) So pumped.

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