Road Rage and Paying Bills

I’m sad for a woman I had the pleasure of encountering Saturday morning.  I was driving to my sisters to watch my almost-two-year-old nephew, Teddy, and as usual, was driving the speed limit through my town. (the cops are bored in Mill Valley. Don’t speed here, you’ll get a ticket for sure!)  So, the light was green to go through an intersection, but I wasn’t about to speed up to 40 to make it through the light, especially when the SL is 25mph.  So the light turned yellow, then red.  I stopped. Hooray responsible driving. I guess it wasn’t so responsible because the woman in her early 50s behind me in a Prius started scream obscenities at me.  “It was a F$%@^*# green light! What the F$@% is your problem?” All the while, giving me the bird.  So I turned around to look at her and try and calm her down.  She turned away.  As soon as I turned to face front, she started to scream again.  So, I did the polite thing and gave her two thumbs up every time she gave me two birds.  I motioned for her to calm down.  The light turned green and off we went.  She tried to get around me in a weird way, but it didn’t happen.  She ended up being stuck behind a slower person than I and then sped around them and onto the freeway at about 80mph (101 in Marin is 55mph).
I thought “Wow, this woman sure is angry.  It’s 9:30am on a Saturday! If she’s late, it’s her fault, not mine.” Then I got to thinking that maybe she had a fight with her husband, or forgot to take her happy pill, or she was just plain rude.  What makes a person get that angry about someone obeying the law?  You never know what’s going through other people’s heads in certain moments, and that’s a little scary.  Especially when they’re in a vehicle that could be used to crush another vehicle or person.  But really? Maybe she should talk to someone about that anger.
Plus she was in a Prius, and I swear to you, every time I get stuck behind a Prius, they’re NEVER going even close to the speed limit.  Slowpokes.

I’ve recently been trying to get my interest rates reduced on my credit cards since they’re sky high! I’ve been using a paid service from a credit rating bureau called Equifax Debtwise that has really helped me out a lot.  It’s not a credit counseling service, which is great.  They basically give you a plan to pay all of it off in a shorter period of time than you normally could.  I absolutely love it.  Anyway, they give you lots of great tips, and one of them was how to call your banks and ask for interest rate reductions.  It totally worked with them! Well, except for one: Juniper Bank.  Seriously, do NOT ever do business with them.  They have horrible customer service and really don’t care that they’re charging you an arm and a leg even if you have great payment history, have a low balance and pay more than the minimum payment each month.  So I did what’s best for me and got a 0% interest on balance transfers card and transferred that money away from their greedy evil little butts.  Take THAT, you stinky bank!  I’ve learned a valuable lesson being an adult – don’t buy stuff you don’t need, and especially don’t charge it.  Woops.  But I’m on the road to financial recovery and it feels great!


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