um, really?

I got myself into some nasty credit card debt.  There.  I said it.
But I’m doing my damnedest to pay those little suckers off! Slowly, but surely.  I started payment plans, got my credit score (Which is good, thank goodness!), and started asking the credit card companies to reduce my interest rates.  I pay almost double the minimum payment each month and I pay it EARLY.  Almost all of them have been more than willing.  Not Juniper/Barclay Bank.  They told me that no one could do it over the phone, not even a managers manager, and that my account gets reviewed twice a year, and if they think I deserve a reduction, they’ll do it. (it’s at 29.99%! Holy crap!)  The mistake they made was telling me that my payment/balance history has been great for years and that there shouldn’t be a problem reducing my interest rate.  They haven’t done it in years.  So I did what anyone should do.  I transferred the entire balance on that card to a new 0% interest for a year account.  Take THAT, Juniper Bank.  I’ve left the account open just to thumb my nose at them.  I’m going to close it soon.  But today I opened a letter that said they increased my credit limit! WHAT?! That’s some pretty shady business, Juniper.   You won’t help me out at all, but you’ll increase my limit a thousand dollars to try and make MORE money off of me?


So, if you do business with this credit card company, I suggest you move it elsewhere.  Uncool, man.  Uncool.


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