I sort of love life

End of Summer To Do List:

  1. Dog sit in sunny Kentfield: Two dogs, big backyard with a POOL! In the sunshine. Can you believe it? sunshine. Where did summer go, anyway?
  2. Ring finger sized 😉
  3. Teddy’s 2nd Birthday party.
  4. Trip to NY for work!
  5. Camping in Mendocino!
  6. Visit to Orange County to meet my little Parker Elizabeth Hull (cute baby, dudes. cute baby)
  7. Road trip to Oregon and Washington.
  8. India Trip for 13 days?
  9. Moving to San Francisco to finally live with the boyfriend.
All in two months.  I can do it.  I can, I can!
I’m pretty sure keeping busy is a Spraitz quality that has been passed on to me.  If I don’t have plans to keep me busy, I freak out.  I want to be able to DO something.  Not just sit around.  Maybe that’s why my apartment is a mess? Or wait, maybe that’s because when I allow myself to be lazy, I’m really lazy.  But not to fear, moving always gets me in the mood to clean, organize, and DISCARD!  I get to throw stuff away.  Give to the Goodwill and possibly sell stuff.   It’s a reinvention of myself in the best way possibly. Minimize. Downsize. Simplify. I’ve lived alone since 2007.  I’m hoping the transition of living with my boyfriend won’t be too horribly disappointing to my routine.  I’ve never lived with a significant other.  It’s going to be a challenge, but boy am I up for it.  I can’t wait to spend countless days and nights with the love of my life.  Speaking of, I sort of love my life.

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