on weddings

weddings are expensive. unfortunately, we don’t have the help of our parents wallet’s for our big day, but for some reason, i never even though about that.  it was never a question in my mind that my mom would be helping with my wedding costs.
the good news is that i can save most of the money we need by our big day. it’s kind of scary how much it costs! especially now that our guest list is gigantic.  we went over out budget before going to bed the other night and i felt pretty happy with our guestimates and overall budget.  i have to be REALLY conscious of how much i spend and won’t be able to do anything really fun until after everything is paid for, but that’s okay.  i get to have a huge and really fun party to celebrate the love of my life.  i’m really okay with that.  we made a pact that we would only pay cash for everything. NO CREDIT CARDS. i’m really happy about that.
it’s a little stressful trying to figure out everything we need, make decisions, coordinate people from out of town, out of state, and out of the freaking’ country…
all in all i’m REALLY looking forward to our day and how much fun it’s going to be.
AND i’m really looking forward to all of the fun exercise i’m going to be doing in the next 9 months. running, jackie warner workouts, AIDS/Lifecycle 11! fingers crossed that my thyroid/graves cooperates and will let me lose a little bit of the extra lb’s i’ve added over the past year.  i have a goal in mind, but will be happy if i even make 3/4 of that goal. happy thoughts, friends. happy thoughts. i’m not just losing weight for my wedding (although it sure is a great motivator!), but for my health. my bmi is a little too high at the moment, and if i have to go up a size in jeans one more time i’m going to sit in old navy and cry. 🙂 i’d also like to be able to run a 5k by the time ALC happens.  i think it’s great cross training!
speaking of, I need about $1000 more by June 1st. Anyone want to help a girl out?
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