Health Care Reform & Women Like Me

I was and am so excited about Health Care Reform, because it means so many things to so many people who are uninsured, or who are struggling to pay for their health care costs.  I’m lucky and have health insurance through work, although it could be a much better plan – but I digress.  I was really excited about the new Contraception Coverage that was in the bill.  That is, until I read a notice from my health insurance provider.

“Only the products on the list applicable to your plan will be no cost under the pharmacy benefit.  The health reform law allows plans to use reasonable medical management to decide which contraceptive products will be provided at no cost share.  If you choose a covered birth control product that is not on the list, a copay or coinsurance may be required.  And this cost will apply to your deductible if you have one.”

The medication I’m on isn’t listed, and it costs me $105 every 3 months.  It used to cost $45 every 3 months.  This is pretty frustrating.  How can the insurance company use “reasonable medical management” to decide which ones they want to provide at no cost? The cheapest available? Uh, yep. That’s exactly the ones they’re giving to people at $0.  The CHEAPEST available.  Seems pretty fishy to me.

I guess it’s time to chat with my doctor!


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