Days 4, 5 & 6 on Whole30

I knew as soon as I got to Somerset my headache would go away! 🙂 Thank goodness, right?  I did my usual stop at Whole Foods and got some delicious stuff to cook for the weekend.  I ate all of the foods I was supposed to eat, got to hang out by the lake with my man and my dog and went for our nice 2 mile walks Saturday and Sunday morning, even though it was SUPER hot.  We even got to experience the BEST thunderstorm I’ve ever been in.  So cool.
I found out that James wasn’t taking this thing as seriously as I was, and he was surprised that I was! Funny.  He’s still recovering from his surgery and I realized on the drive up that maybe now isn’t the time for him to try an elimination diet.  Headaches after brain surgery aren’t really ideal.  He is doing amazing and eating a lot healthier than usual, so that’s good.  I cooked a lot, so he got to eat my version of his healthy 🙂
You guys, they bought cookies. COOKIES.  I stared at them in the pantry and dreamed of the day when I could stuff one in my face.  I also saw the beautiful popsicles and ice cream in the freezer.  And the sourdough bread. And the deli meat, and cheese.  I was really sad to see how much sugar they add to deli meat! Even the awesome nitrate free stuff from Whole Foods has honey or maple syrup added to it.  Pretty uncalled for, if you ask me.  It’s amazing how food manufacturers can add and hide SO MUCH sugar into things.  Gross.
I didn’t want to leave yesterday at all.  I missed my man and it was so nice and hot up there that the thought of coming back home to fog without James wasn’t really the happiest place I had been all weekend.  Plus I was cranky.  Super cranky.  Driving in traffic sucks when you’re cranky.  Tips to all of you drivers: if you’re in the fast lane, don’t go slow.  DO NOT tap on your brakes just because you see people braking a mile ahead of you.  It’s annoying and it causes more traffic and sometimes accidents.  Make sure your brake lights work if you’re going to hide them with 5 bicycles.  Changing lanes every quarter mile isn’t going to get you there any faster.
I was steaming in my car.  So instead of stopping at the fruit & veg stand on the way home, I went to Sol Food.  It’s this amazing Puerto Rican restaurant in Marin that I drool over.  It’s so popular that there are THREE restaurants in one block.  One take out place, one take out-sit in the back garden place, and one sit-down restaurant.  Nuts.  Anyway, I went to the sit in the back place since it’s usually not so busy and I asked the woman 25 questions about how they prepare their food.  What I found out was that the shrimp in tomato sauce (they don’t add sugar!) is cooked in olive oil (yay!), and the plantain coated shrimp I wanted is cooked in rice oil. (bummer).  So I got the shrimp with tomato sauce and onions with a big fat salad with avocado and added tomatoes.  It was outrageously expensive, but it’s what I needed.  No more grumpy pants. Until the traffic at the tunnel leading up the bridge.  I really needed to get home.  Anyway, I’m happier now and I have some delicious meals planned out and will be going grocery shopping later today. 🙂

Here are some photos from the weekend:


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