Day 7 on Whole30!


First week down! (well, after tonight).  I’m a quarter of the way done with this! And you know what… that fact is making me feel a lot better. I only have 3 weeks to go 😀

So I meant to write about this yesterday, but completely spaced.  You guys, I read It Starts With Food this weekend on my kindle (by the lake, heavenly!) and it seriously has changed my life.  I haven’t even finished a week of this program, but I HONESTLY believe everyone should read it. Even if you aren’t planning on doing Whole30. It’ll change your view of how food is marketed to us and your relationship with food! Their “science-y” stuff was really well written (easy to understand) and they back it all up with so many references that it’s really hard to question.  Did you guys know that you don’t even digest any of the nutrients found in whole grains?? How is that healthy? Anyway, I highly suggest it.  Read it, or even start and tell me what you think!

I read this testimonial yesterday while I was in the throws of a really nasty sugar craving that really helped put things in perspective.  I don’t even have PCOS and it made me want to stick with it!  Here are a ton of other testimonials about how this has helped so many people with so many different ailments, autoimmune disorders and other issues.  I had to keep reading them yesterday to stop me from baking some blueberry scones!!! While really tempted to ruin the whole thing, I stuck with it and ate really well.  I went to dinner with my sister Emily to discuss wedding items at Sol Food (I had to admit to her that I had eaten there the day before), and had a really fun night.  I’ll admit that I’m so obsessed with this right now that all I can really think or talk about is food, but once she got me talking about the wedding, I felt great and stopped talking about how the chicken is cooked at Sol Food, or how I made the most delicious breakfast, or even how I’m making lamb meatballs this week.  I even told her I think it would help her out a lot with her health issues! But I’m not being pushy, here, just sharing information.  Everyone has to decide for themselves if this is even plausible for them (Although I think it is for everyone!).  Well, almost everyone.

I feel great today.  I slept pretty well (went to bed too late, woke up early because I was too hot), had a great breakfast (sauteed onions, yellow squash and spinach with two fried eggs [coconut oil is awesome] with smoked salmon, blueberries and green tea).  I’m going to make some swordfish for lunch with a spinach salad! Dinner with probably be more fish and veggies, but I’m happy with that.  It sounds so good right now.

I will concede that this has been much easier for me since my I work from home.  If I still went into the office every day, I’d definitely have to do the weekly shopping/cook up on Sundays and pack everything for the week.  I’m not good at last minute preparations for that kind of situation.  I’d probably end up cheating, or eating out all the time.  No. Thank. You.  So hooray for working from home!

I hope it continues to be this easy when James gets home.  I know he’ll make something that looks delicious and I’ll want to eat it, but he’s so supportive, he’ll probably tell me to get lost. 😉 Well, I hope so anyway!!!

Well, cheers to you all and Happy Day 7 to me! xo


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