On life and it’s bumps in the road

What a roller-coaster year of emotions 2012 has been!  I got engaged on my birthday in 2011 (SO EXCITING!).  My fiance had a seizure in March that lead to us discovering a brain tumor and cyst that were ultimately removed in July.  My nephew had a rare autoimmune disease from a vaccination that paralyzed him for 5 weeks and included a long hospital stay in August and early September and lots of physical therapy.  I married my best friend and love of my life on September 21st (the best day of my life).  My sister in law fainted and hit her head so hard she had to have a hematoma removed from her brain this past weekend.  Bad things happen in 3s, and I am quite certain that this latest hospital stay will be the very end of this madness. NO MORE ILLNESS.  NO MORE HOSPITALS.  NO MORE, I SAY! Authoritative, isn’t it?

My own health this year has been a big focus.  I’ve lost 15 pounds and feel great.  I have another 14ish to go to make my doctor happy.  I finally feel comfortable in my skin and have been feeding it amazing things.  I didn’t finish Whole30, but I will start it again soon and I will make it through the entire 30 days.  I will continue to feed myself healthy, whole foods and continue on this amazing journey of staying healthy and positive.

On that note, my husband and I picked 20 pounds of pears from our pear tree this weekend and we’re going to make pear butter in the crock pot.  Can you say CHRISTMAS PRESENTS?!

here are some photos from the wedding.  most photos are by Terry Spraitz Ciszek.


One thought on “On life and it’s bumps in the road

  1. I am also certain all the family health issues are in the past! Smooth sailing ahead…
    I love your wedding photos! BEAUTIFUL!! ❤ Best wishes to you and your new life!!! Couldn't be happier for you.

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