Day 2!

I killed it on my first day back with Weight Watchers! I went for two long walks with the dog, ate only my allowed points (even though we got salads to go!) and didn’t eat my activity points! YAY! I slept really well and started the day off on a positive note with another walk and a healthy breakfast.  I’m going to lunch with my sister before my doctors’ appointment, but we’re going somewhere with salads where I can pick and choose what I want.  Always good as long as I stay away from salad dressing, croutons and cheese! (which is good to stay away from because I’m lactose intolerant!) Very exciting.

The fall weather has arrived in San Francisco.  It’s cold, overcast, and I think it rained a little last night while I was finishing up reading Game of Thrones.  What a great book! I know I’m nerdy, but holy cow.  It took me months to read it, but it kept my interest and I read almost every night.  I’m looking forward to the second book.  We’re heading up to Somerset this weekend, so I’ll have plenty of time to read, clean up the garden and soak up the woodsy air.  And go on those amazing 2 mile walks in the morning with Billy!

Being healthy is a lot of work, but once you get into a routine it’s really easy to stick with.  I hope all of you have at least one healthy routine you do a day!



One thought on “Day 2!

  1. Great job, Elizabeth!! I too am trying to maintain a more healthy lifestyle… its hard sometimes, but the payoff is priceless.

    Thanks for the link to those great recipes & The Violet… I’m obsessing!

    Take care and I hope all is going swimmingly!

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