Hi and Happy Wednesdays!  It’s been a rainy few days with LOTS of bursting beautiful sunshine in between some fun rain.  It just reminds me that fall is here and to stop pining away for a real summer.  It was really hard for me to spend my first San Francisco summer wishing for heat.  I’ll get used to it eventually! The 58 degree foggy summer weather is actually pretty nice once you get over the fact that it’s Mid July and you haven’t seen the sun since May.

Anyway! Guess what? I’ve lost a total of sixteen pounds since I first started trying to lose weight earlier this year! That’s awesome.  I lost another 2lbs this past week, which is really incredible to me.  I kinda fell off the wagon this past weekend, but not bad enough to gain more weight back.  Last October’s Martha Stewart Living had this amazing recipe for Beer Braised Short Rib Pot Pie that I made last year.  Well, it was rainy and cold so I was really craving it.  It is definitely not a skinnytaste/weight watchers recipe, but boy was it delicious.   It also didn’t help that after I made the skinny pumpkin granola, I had a whole can of pumpkin puree to use, so I made the biggest pumpkin bread ever – and not a skinny version! But I’ve been really good and only eat a tiny little piece every once in a while.  🙂 I got back on track on Tuesday and made turkey meatloaf (I know! I ate turkey and didn’t get a migraine!), garlic sweet potato mash and a salad last night.  Tonight I’m making summer veggies with sausage and potatoes!  It really helps to plan meals out on Sunday before going grocery shopping so I’m prepared for most of the weeks meals.  I just feel so much better about cooking when I don’t have to go to the store for something I’m missing, or having to come up with something at 4:30, ya know?

Hope you’re all enjoying the awesome fall weather!



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