I ate too much and imbibed in too many glasses of wine and bottles of beer this past week and gained those 2 pounds back! Woops.  But that’s okay.  It’s only two pounds and I really had a great time, so those 2 pounds are a testament to how much fun I had with friends and family celebrating Halloween and friendship.  🙂  I got back on track yesterday after my weigh-in and I feel great.  I made one of my favorite skinnytaste recipes: Crock Pot Chicken a la Criolla and stayed within my points.  I even had delicious chocolate as a treat!  So I’m feeling pretty great.  I’ve been cutting my dog walks in the morning short by a few minutes, so I’m not getting my full 2 activity points, so I need to find another walk that goes a LITTLE further so I can get that extra point!  I generally don’t use my activity points for food, but every once in a while it seems like a good idea – like when I go out on a date with my husband!

I hope you’re all doing amazing and that you have a really fun and safe Halloween tomorrow!  And if you’re on the east coast, I hope you’re staying dry and warm! xoxo


4 thoughts on “woops!

  1. Tonight I’m going to fix my very first skinny taste meal! Thanks for posting about that website! Very excited to give it a try. Happy to hear you’re doing so well, babes!

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