twenty thirteen or two thousand thirteen

Happy New Year, friends and readers!

I normally hate to make resolutions because I generally don’t stick to any of them, but this year is different.   After the past year, I finally feel like I can stick to them and feel really good about myself when I do. So, here goes, blogverse:

  1. Less thai food, more Weight Watchers recipes.
  2. Work harder. I tend to be a pretty lazy human being.
  3. More exercise.  See #2.
  4. Spend more time with my family (including my husband)!
  5. Pay off my debt.  Ugh. Last year was the year of saving for the wedding, and since I saved up so much, I can DEFINITELY get this stuff paid off rather quickly!

I’ve done pretty well in the past 7 days! A failed bike ride attempt (I’m still nursing a cold I’ve had since December 17th!), a nice long walk with Billy, lots of delicious and healthy meals, and some credit card payments! Go me!

I’m also looking forward to a healthy 2013 for my husband.  He has a neurology appointment this week and an MRI and appointment with his surgeon next month.  I can’t wait for him to be able to drive again (freedom for him more than anything), for him to reduce the medication he’s on and for him to feel like himself again.  I love that man more than anything.

Happy thoughts to all of you in this new year!



One thought on “twenty thirteen or two thousand thirteen

  1. Thats so awesome you’re already ahead of the game! I love resolutions; although, I still haven’t finished my list yet… and one of the resolutions is “finish what you start”. haha Well, in time I hope… I do have a whole year to work on them, right?

    I wish for good health for both you & James! I hope to hear great news, next blog post! 🙂

    Take care!! xo

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