A beautiful body

I always get inspired by blogs and articles I read that say how you should love your body no matter what and to stop hate speak about your body.  Hate speak like “I’m so fat”, “Look at this cellulite!”, “I wish I could lose X lbs”, “Why are you so skinny and I’m so fat?!”, etc.  I’m completely guilty of hate speak about my own body and not-so-secretly wish I could lose 20 lbs.  But you know what? I’m beautiful.  I may have cellulite, chubby thighs and a muffin top, but you guys, I’m pretty.  I know I am.  I just wish I could remember that 24/7! 

I saw this wonderful website/kickstarter campaign today that I hope you all read/listen to and really think about yourselves differently.  Speak highly of yourself, love yourself, and make sure those around you are supportive and love you.  If not, they’re not worth your time.  And if you feel like it, contribute to A Beautiful Body Project.  I think it’s life changing.   



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