Italy and Denmark

I’ve been back for a while, but haven’t had a chance to post any photos from our Honeymoon!  We had a really wonderful time despite the cold and rainy weather.  Everyone we met told us that it was unseasonably cold and rainy!! We chose the end of May/early June because we wanted warm weather.  It was romantic at times and kind of a bummer at others.  But overall we had a really great time.

Our first stop was Rome.  We were a bit delayed due to the airline waiting for a few passengers, so we missed our train, but we had a fun time taking a train, another train, a bus and then walking to our hotel at 11:45pm.  A really nice man asked us if we needed a ride the rest of the way and we took him up on his offer.  (would probably never do that in SF!) We stayed at a really great Villa called Villa Grazioli.  I definitely recommend it!




Our next stop was Florence! We stayed at a sweet refurbished farm house called Hotel Tenuta il Burchio in the town of Burchio.  It’s a really small village with one taxi driver, so if you take the train from Rome, be sure to call ahead and arrange a car. Because we didn’t and guess what we did? We walked to the hotel!  Strange coincidence, another lovely citizen picked us up and took us to the hotel on our walk! We must’ve looked like tourists needing help. Our room was in the dining room, which was really weird, but their dinners were delicious and the staff were amazing.  Here’s a bit of our stay:

IMG_8013 IMG_8038 IMG_8040 IMG_8057


After Florence we headed out to Capri! Taxi, train, train, boat, taxi, walk! We stayed at Hotel Il Girasole in Anacapri.  While the views are stunning, the hotel was kind of a dud.  Everyone there was amazing and sweet and willing to help, but the room walls are extremely thin.  I could hear our neighbor using his toilet.  No thanks! By this point we were starting to get cabin fever due to all of the rain and all I wanted to do was swim in the beautiful blue water, but it rained a lot and when the sun came out, it wasn’t hot enough.  Bummer.

IMG_8084 IMG_8090 IMG_8096 IMG_8115 IMG_8120 IMG_8129 IMG_8135 IMG_8141 IMG_8165 IMG_8170 IMG_8174 IMG_8179 IMG_8197 IMG_8216 IMG_8226 IMG_8227 IMG_8238 IMG_8242 IMG_8257 IMG_8265 IMG_8266 IMG_8267 IMG_8310


It was gorgeous!

Our last stop was to a really great Hill Town in Umbria called Orvietto.  A coworker of my husbands is Italian and goes there every summer, so he gave us a great recommendation on a hotel (They only speak Italian, so he wrote them a letter and called for us!).  It had to be one of my favorite spots.  Gorgeous town, lots of yummy food and nice people.  I highly recommend this town to all of my readers! From Capri we took a car, ferry, train, train, funicular and bus… then we walked.  I think next time we travel we’re going to get a car. 🙂
IMG_8345 IMG_8349 IMG_8357 IMG_8358 IMG_8382 IMG_8394 IMG_8420 IMG_8443 IMG_8478 IMG_8482 IMG_8548 IMG_8589 IMG_8598 IMG_8623 IMG_8637 IMG_8652and thennnnnn We flew to Copenhagen and did a 19 hour tour on foot.  I want to go back for at least a week.  It is such a clean and beautiful city.  It made me really happy.
IMG_8711 IMG_8720 IMG_8731 IMG_8743 IMG_8747 IMG_8748 IMG_8753 IMG_8756 IMG_8759 IMG_8761 IMG_8762 IMG_8769 IMG_8770It was 3 weeks of really amazing memories with my incredible husband.  I know this was a lot of photos and not much of the experiences we had together or what we did, but I’m keeping most of that close to the cuff.  Hope you enjoyed these photos.


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